"I found the SAT-Pro tool to be a great opportunity to get a hint of a professional, non-biased opinion without having to circulate the business plan around independent Reviewers, where it may in-avertedly end up in the hands of competitors." (quotation from an entrepreneur having used the SAT-Pro tool.)

Is your business plan ready for investors?

Only good and complete business plans catch the interest of investors!

business plan?

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Avoid that your business plan is thrown in the waste bin!

SAT-Pro gives you an expert opinion on the completeness of the business plan. It will illustrate how complete and interesting the investment opportunity look through the eyes of an investor. The test takes 30 – 50 minutes. Results are provided immediately after completion of the test. It includes a completeness scoring, a full text feedback and a comprehensive financial conclusion. It is also possible to make financial sensitivity analysis. The best way to take the test is to let both the author of the business plan and a friend or adviser take the test, compare results – and discuss!
The SAT-pro test only cost 25 € incl. VAT. Payment via PayPal or via Credit card. You may also ask for a “Free access code” from InvestorNet ubj@gate2growth.com

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SAT-Light is the quick test which challenges the completeness of your business plan through a series of questions of the same type as the ones investors will ask. It does not include financial analysis. The test takes between 10 – 15 minutes to complete. A “completeness scoring” and a text feed back is provided at the end of test. SAT-light is currently available in English, German, Danish, Estonian and Latvian.
Using SAT-light is free of charge.

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SAT-Light and SAT-Pro has been developed under the Gate2Growth initiative by InvestorNet with the support of the European Commission.